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You are welcome to contact me in case of problems.

I will contact the program administrator to solve your issue, just send me snapshots of your pending withdrawals or temporary login details to verify your problem. After that I will make a pressure for admin.

Real Paying Status

The most important thing which other "trusted" monitors cant do, just because they will show Paying as long as they get paid from the program. They dont care of selective payments even if some better monitors already show Problem or Not Paying. UKH doesnt tolerate selective payments, doesnt deal with unstable programs and of course I change the programs status immediately if there is a verified issue from my downline.

Project Filtering

UKHyips.Com is not available for all HYIPs. I deny requests of low-end and unstable programs. I wont support collapsing scams or programs which are scams at first sight. This is an additional protection for you, which is rare in this industry.

Ask Me

You can ask me before investing and I will give you real info based on my experience. It can be clever a step, if you are going to invest higher amounts (what I dont recommend).

VIP Paid VIP Programs

# Program Name Status Our Investment Monitors Check Status At
1 Paying $740 6 Monitors
2 Problem $100 5 Monitors

Status : Paying
Invested : 740
Payout : 202.62000000000006
Votes : 0
ADDED : Friday, November 03, 2017 - 1009 DAYS Ago
Plans : 4% Daily for 44 Days
Status : Problem
Invested : 100
Payout : 10.5
Votes : 0
ADDED : Friday, December 20, 2019 - 232 DAYS Ago
Plans : 0
Status : Waiting
Invested : 0
Payout :
Votes : 0
ADDED : Tuesday, May 05, 2020 - 94 DAYS Ago
Plans : 0